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We’ve spent over forty years putting some of Britain’s best known people in some of its best made suits. But it’s not just who you know. It’s also what you know. And, for us, that’s how to make every man a gentleman.



Every great suit starts not with its cut, but the person inside it. It’s why we like to get to know our customers, so pop in and get to know us too. Because it’s right here that your suit will be made, by the very same people you meet.

Cutting a suit is an art form. But every
great artist needs a muse.

redwood and feller

A Little History

We may have been established by
Mr Redwood & Mr Feller back in 1946,
but Edward Rowland has been at the helm since 1974, bringing the cut and tailoring of Savile Row to Pimlico, and being awarded the Royal Warrant in 1986. Now, all these years later, he’s still here, working alongside his son, Elliott.

Together, Father and Son ensure
Redwood & Feller remains a truly personal and bespoke service.



A great suit is a commitment, but one you won’t grow to regret - because while fashions come and go, our suits are stitched with style built in. And style’s not going anywhere. But we don’t expect you just to take our word for it when we tell you that a Redwood & Feller suit is one commitment you’ll be pleased you made. Here’s what a few of our wonderful customers have to say about theirs...


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